Saturday, 17 December 2011

I love..

Just thought I would show you some clothes I found recently, let's take a look;

I saw this cute jumper (also available in white and blue) on at only £15 I would certainly buy them. I also saw these amazing purple shorts, you may not be very into them for winter, but still, I had to share. The shorts are also in a bight blue which look lovely but I love the purple pair and are definatly a bargain at £15. I would team them with a black, white or a neutral colour. Even the black top in the picture is quite a nice match.

I also quite like this dress from I love the colour of this one and the nice pattern. It would be a nice Christmas choice but I'm not sure if it's quite worth 65 euro

Finally I saw this lace vest top, it's 25 euro, but I do quite like this. I think this colour goes well with most things so it's a good buy.


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