Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Again I was looking for more coats and I found much more this time, I found more suiteable for winter coats.
Both of these coats are from River Island the first one is £65 and is definatly worth it. The colour of it is one of my favourite shades of purple, maybe that's why I love it. The second one is also lovely, probable more 'in style' right now. The colour is a perfect winter tone and the fur make's the coat.

Belted coat
This coat is from pennys, to be honest I don't think it would be as nice if it didn't have the yellow belt, the belt is my favourite part of this and is a bargain alone, Imagine what you could style with it. but still this coat would work well for winter so maybe you should consider checking pennys

Now I love this Coat from Coast it's also available in Ivory (cream/white) but I adore this one. I think this colour is stunning for Christmas but it's not quite a coat, it's more of a jacket but still I had to add it!

this coat is also from coast, but this is more of a coat. I love the fading affect of this and belt ties it neatly together. Overall I think it's a lovely coat but it's up to you weather it's worth £250.
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